PROS and CONS Of Using Pristine Blue Pool Chemicals

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Pristine Blue has been on the market for years now but you are probably wondering if it is the right pool and spa chemical line for you. I will share with you the PROS and CONS of using Pristine Blue 

 I would like to say that if you think the Pristine Blue product line is to expensive please check out this blog that talks to you about the Advanced Blue system! Its the SAME EXACT line just cheaper!  CLICK HERE


PROS of using Pristine Blue

  • It is a great chlorine alternative. If you do not like the chlorine smell or effects of chlorine then this is a great option for your.

  • The customer service line is unbelievably nice and is very helpful! You can call them with any questions you have about your Pristine Blue pool maintenance, Pristine Blue Start Up, Pristine Blue Hot Tub and they will answer everything. Pristine Blue customer service line is (800)962-1492 ask them is Pristine Blue is right for you! 

  • The Pristine Blue system will not (should not) turn your hair green. Growing up we had 5 girls (3 blondes) in the family and we had a chlorine pool. Our hair always turned green, our skin was always dry after using the pool and we had all around irritated skin. We tried every trick in the book to avoid all of these pool water problems. We switched to Pristine Blue and we never had that problem again! We experienced softer skin, hair and all around great smell after being in the water! 

  • Pristine Blue is compatible with chlorine, bromine, salt chlorine generators and ozonator System. It is also compatible with D.E. Filter 

  • The shock used it the Pristine Blue system is a smart shock that shocks the pool or spa with chlorine and then the chlorine quickly goes away instead of lingers around like standard chlorine pools.

  • The core ingredient in the Pristine Blue system is Pristine Blue which is your sanitizer and it uses copper to sanitize your pool not chlorine.

  • Most of the time when people start using the Pristine Blue system they never switch back to any other pool system. 

  • You never have to worry about bleached or wrecked liners with the Pristine Blue System.

  • They make a really nice Pristine Blue Start Up Kit to make start up and converting to Pristine Blue a little easier.




CONS of using Pristine Blue

  • The system is a little difficult to start but once you get the hang of it, it is extremely easy. 

  • You have to buy multiple products in order for the system to work.

  • It is a higher price chlorine alternative 

  • Just like any other system, you need to shock the pool or spa when you have a heavy bather load 


In conclusion Pristine Blue is a pretty great system if you have the time, money and energy to take care of your pool or spa! 


If you are interested in trying the system, here is the link!


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