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Fequently Asked Questions

How are Medicine Springs soaks different from Epson Salt? 

While Epsom salt is found naturally in hot springs, very little, if any, magnesium in commercialized Epsom salt soaking solutions is transdermal absorbable through the skin. Our products combine magnesium sulfate and magnesium chloride, transdermal magnesium, and other natural minerals, resulting in a skin-safe formula replicating the healing properties of nature’s hot springs.  '

What is the difference between sport, joint and skin formulas? 

The Sport Formula is produced from natural hot springs in Yellowstone down through Central and South America and is known to help speed up recovery and heal sore muscles. It is high in transdermal magnesium and bicarbonates, resulting in a mineral cocktail that reduces muscle and joint inflammation, aids in circulation, flushes out lactic acid build-up, and gets you back out there sooner! The Joint Formula is created from hot springs in the Western United States and Japan, known to help with arthritis and fibromyalgia. This formula is lower in bicarbonates, targeting inflammation and relieving stiff joints. The Skin Formula is derived from Iceland’s Blue Lagoon; this is the most world-famous hot spring for sensitive skin. It is unique for its absence of bicarbonates. Bicarbonates can be healing but can create a “tingly” sensation for sensitive skin. The Skin Formula is gentle on your skin and does not contain bicarbonates. While our products help relieve dry skin, eczema, Psoriasis, and acne, this is the formula for you if you have extremely sensitive skin.

Why are there multiple bags in the pachage? Do I add them all? 

When you use Medicine Springs products, you create a mineral cocktail of Mother Nature’s elixir at home (and without the travel expenses). This process requires a particular combination of individually packaged minerals. Open each enclosed packet, turn on your jets, mix them all in your hot tub, and allow the minerals to dissolve completely before dipping into your very own hot springs.   

What is the difference between bath and hot tub soaks? 

The bathtub package contains two 50-gallon bath soaks, which will treat 100 gallons of water if combined. The hot tub package contains 400 gallons worth of minerals to treat an entire hot tub.   

Are these products safe for my plumbing and septic system? 

Our Medicine Springs soaking formulas are safe for your plumbing and septic system.   

Is Medicine Springs safe for my hot tub and how long does it last? 

Yes, Medicine Springs products are safe for your hot tub. Turn on the hot tub jets and pour all the packets into the middle of the hot tub. The minerals will dissolve almost immediately, and you can enjoy your soak immediately. Minerals do not evaporate. Instead, you will lose minerals in the water as they are absorbed through the skin. With regular use (i.e., a couple of people soaking 3 to 4 times per week), your Medicine Springs hot tub product will last about three months.   

What will the product do to the chemistry of my hot tub? 

Expect an increase in your PH for the first week or so. If your hot tub is perfectly balanced at 7, it will change to approximately 7.6–7.8. Changing PH is a typical result of the mineral reaction. Do not try to treat it away or lower the PH. Let the minerals do their thing. Soak and enjoy, then after about a week, the water will begin to return to your typical PH, and you can treat it as needed.   

How long should I soak and at what temperature? 

Consider how long you usually soak in a natural hot spring. In this case, you’ve treated yourself to a luxurious Medicine Springs soak, so we’d recommend at least 20 minutes, or however long it takes, to unleash your inner Earth warrior. There is no specific required temperature for our products to work. A comfortable, warm temperature that works for you is ideal.   

Can I use Medicine Springs with any of my other chemicals?



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