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We are an online business that gets products to your door with fast and free shipping! We sell pool and spa chemicals, patio furniture and accessories, gazebos and a backyard design service! We pride ourselves on our amazing customer service and fast shipping. Read about how we got started below :)

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What We Are About 

Macke Pool Products is an online business specializing in pool and spa products. We are expanding our product line and growing to provide you with a fun and unique experience when pool and spa shopping. We currently offer chlorine and non-chlorine product lines along with all natural chemical lines too. You choose which one fit your needs! Along with the chemical lines, we have started offering fun products that everyone can enjoy in any type of water! We offer floats, swimming suits and much more! In this section, I will be sharing with you how Macke Pool Products came about.

About Us The Owners


How We Started

Macke Pool Products was started by Kim in 2008 when the local hardware store decided to close down because they were relocating. Kim was devastated when she was told that the place was shutting down and they would not be able to provide her with the pool chemicals she loved so much. Kim has four girls that loved to swim and she took about 5 years to finally find the chemical line Pristine Blue that was easy to use and easy on the girl's hair and skin. After she heard the news the owner of the hardware store approached Kim and said that they were looking for someone to take over the chemical line because they had a large faithful customer base and they wanted someone to keep selling them the chemicals.


About Kim

Kim took a couple days to think about taking over the chemical line and with her entrepreneur mindset, she decided to go for it. She took over the line and started selling products out of her house. Kim is a manager of a surgery center and works long hours so when she would get home at night she would schedule appointments with customers. She stayed up for nights on end in the summer trying to make things work.


About Kelly

In the meantime, I (Kelly co-owner) was helping Kim with running products to customers, grabbing samples from people, etc... I was going to college for business and always had the mindset that I was going to work for myself and own a company. I never wanted to work for someone ever again because I knew I could make a living on my own. Throughout college, I helped Kim with everything. Kim had a cousin that introduced her to creating a website. She set everything up and this is when I found my passion for online sales. I finished college at this point and had pressure from everyone about where am I going to get my first job. I was working part-time at a nursing home and I was also growing Macke Pool’s online presence. I felt shy talking about the side business I was helping Kim with and so I never told anybody about it. We ended up quadrupling sales for the business during these 2 years but I wasn't satisfied with where I was at because everyone around me made me feel like I needed a job in my career. I finally got tired of people thinking I wasn't doing anything with my career so I went out searching for a job and luckily came across an opportunity at a place called Outlet Bait & Tackle. This was an online fishing company and my job was all over the place which was the best thing that has ever happened to me and Macke Pool Products. I had the opportunity to learn about every part of the business like graphics, SEO, purchasing, marketing, shipping, website creation and much more. I worked for this company full time for about 3 year and on the side, I was also helping Kim with Macke Pool Products. After 3 years I made the scariest decision a person could make… I quit my job and decided to see if I could make it as an entrepreneur.

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We have hundreds of partners, big and small, everywhere. With the aim of bringing our customers the best possible service, we can provide. Our partners are one of the very important factors that bring us to increasingly develop and optimize the production process which results in happy customers!
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