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Fequently Asked Questions

Is Advanced Pool & Spa compatible with other chemicals?

Mixing any chemicals can result in unfavorable results. It is always best to ask a trusted pool store associate or call the product’s manufacturer before combining chemicals. Here are a couple of rules to live by: 1) Never pour chemicals together in the same container, 2) Never add water to chemicals, instead add chemicals to water, 3) Never add chemicals to your pool close to the surface at the same location time after time. It’s best to “take a walk” with your chemical applications and never allow them to contact skin or pool surfaces directly.
We’ve found over the years that Advanced Blue is compatible with most chemicals when added to the pool or spa as previously stated. We ARE compatible with chlorine, bromine, and salt chlorine generators.
DEFINITELY DO NOT use the following products with the PristineBlueAdvanced Blue from your water) Call us first. ALGAECIDES (it is unnecessary, and many contain copper which could lead to overdosing) BIGUANIDES (also known by the brands Baquacil* and Soft Swim**) IONIZERS (copper or copper/silver)

Is Advanced Pool & Spa compatible with D.E., sand or cartridge filters?

Advanced Pool & Spa is compatible with all of these filtration systems.

What is the shelf life of the Advanced Pool & Spa product line?***

- Advanced Pool & Spa can be used from season to season if stored in a closed container above 32° Fahrenheit.
- Advanced Clear, Advanced Prep and Advanced Sparkle have  no expiration on effectiveness.
- Advanced Shock are most effective if used within 1 year of purchase, but continue to a degree for several years when stored properly.
- Advanced Test Kit reagents have a shelf life of 2 years.

Will Advanced Pool & Spa turn my hair green?

Unfortunately, people with blond or chemically treated hair are susceptible to “swimmer’s hair” regardless of what chemicals the pool is treated with. To prevent swimmer’s hair, always use Advanced Clear as directed. Wetting chemically treated hair with tap water before swimming and shampooing afterward should be standard practice.

Can I use Advanced Pool & Spa if my spa has an ozonator or UV?

Yes, Advanced Pool & Spa Products are compatible with both Ozonator and UV systems.

Can I use Advanced Pool & Spa with any pool surface?

Yes. Advanced Pool & Spa Products can be used in all pool surfaces. Advanced Pool & Spa Prosucts are not recommended for use in newly constructed or resurfaced plaster pools until your contractor informs you the surface is fully cured.

What happens if I add too much Advanced Blue?

To prevent an overdose, do not add Advanced Blue except during normal maintenance cycles. Double check your water volume calculation to make sure you are adding the proper amount of Advanced Blue. 

How can I clear up water that is cloudy?

Cloudy water is most commonly caused by improper water balance, inadequate filtration or high calcium hardness. If you experience cloudy water, test water balance and adjust. Shock with Advanced Shock. Increase daily pump run times.

Advanced Pool & Spa Care


Master the Advanced Blue System by reading this online step-by-step guide. This will tell you everything you need to know about Advanced Pool and Spa Products. From start-up to your every 2-week maintenance!
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