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When you own a spa or hot tub it is suggested that you should do a purge about once or twice a year. You should also purge your spa after you buy it used or new and here is a list of why!

  1. A purge attacks all the root causes many spas may have like, a buildup of non-living organic waste contamination in the plumbing/pips of your spa.
  2. Skin cell buildup gets in the pipes, so when you buy a used hot tub you are essentially basking is other peoples skin particles if you don't purge your hot tub right away.
  3. When you buy a new hot tub we suggest you purge your hot tub because it removes residues left over from the manufacturing process.  If these residues are not removed they will slowly enter the hot tub and will cause the water to become cloudy.
  4. If you notice that you cannot seem to get rid of cloudy water, clogged filters, foamy waterline rings and any other water problems purging your hot tub can be your ticket to having clean water again.
  5. Purging your hot tub will prolong the life of spa and hot tub equipment and heater element.


We have a couple different products that will work perfect for an all natural way to purge your hot tub. They all do the same thing so it is all about your personal preference on what products you choose! Check out the price difference and how long it takes to complete the purge! 
Spa Marvel Cleanser PRICE $27.99
Takes 23 hours to complete with Spa Marvel Cleanser.
Spa Marvel Cleanser is a fast acting proprietary cleanser that penetrates deep inside your spa’s plumbing and equipment, removing organic, mineral and chemical contaminants.

Total Cleanse PRICE $34.95
Takes 25 minutes to complete with Total Cleanse.
Hot Tub SERUM Total Cleanse is an easy to use Gel designed to deep clean your customers spa of sludge and bio-containments. It is the only product in the spa industry that will completely clean and purge a spa's pluming and jets in 25 minutes or less. Hot Tub Total Cleanse is effective 1/3 of a container is all you need to purge spas up to 450 gallons. The entire container can completely purge swim spas up to 2,000 gallons. Hot Tub SERUM Total Cleanse will also aid in ridding a hot tub of white water mold. 

Takes 30 minutes to complete with Clean Start.
Clean start purges the plumbing system underneath your spa to clean away the organic deposits in your plumbing lines from previous use. This concentrated liquid formula is specially blended to work with water of all hardness levels and is designed to deep clean the spa pipes, jets and plumbing equipment.
Takes 30 minutes to complete with AHH-Some.
Ahh-some is designed to remove pipe build up, it purges your pluming in your hot water environments like your hot tubs and jetted tubs! Your hot tub sits at high temperatures for long periods of time and biofilm will starts collecting to your pipes. No matter what chemicals you are using this will happen. Ahh-some is made to attack the biofilm and clear it out of the pipes, within minutes! You will know that it is working because the biofilm will float to the top of your spa and stick to the sides. You typically will use Ahh-Some when you are ready for fresh water and draining your spa. 

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  • To tell the truth, I have heard a lot about Marvel Spa and about its set of advantages but before this moment I hadn’t known that it is so applicable and widespread in our today’s reality. The most important factor in this matter for me is that it is an absolutely natural hot tub treatment product which can replace many different chemicals, eliminating the need for them. After reading this article I had the urge to purchase the Complete Marvel Pack because you were able to amaze me by the benefits and pros of mentioned products. What amazes me the most is that Spa Marvel makes a big difference in water quality and health. Thank you loads! It seems to me that I was able to find a perfectly suitable spa product for me that will be able to make the process of swimming easier and more pleasant.

    // Marina Teramond @ N.M.P.L.

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