Hot Tub Serum Total Cleanse (2 oz. Gel)

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Hot Tub SERUM Total Cleanse is an easy to use Gel designed to deep clean your customers spa of sludge and bio-containments. It is the only product in the spa industry that will completely clean and purge a spa's pluming and jets in 25 minutes or less. Hot Tub Total Cleanse is effective 1/3 of a container is all you need to purge spas up to 450 gallons. The entire container can completely purge swim spas up to 2,000 gallons. Hot Tub SERUM Total Cleanse will also aid in ridding a hot tub of white water mold. 

How To Use

Step 1 - Purge & Clean your hot tub pluming -

Add 1 level tsp per 125 US gallons of Hot Tub Serum Total Cleanse to your hot tub water to purge and clean the pluming lines. Open the air controls and turn the jet pump(s) on high speed to run for 15-20 minutes. Place filter(s) in the hot tub while "purging". The deep cleaning/ scrubbing action of the foam will begin almost immediately. Brown will appear. Foaming in normal. Stay close by and watch to ensure that the foam does not spill over the edges of the hot tub. If the foam looks like the sticky scum will over flow the hot tub, turn off your air control(s) until the foam suds dissipate significantly enough to turn the air control(s) on again. Air is an important part of the cleaning process. If your hot tub is releasing a lot of brown scum into the foam, it may be necessary to operate the pump(s) on high speed again for another 20 minutes to allow Hot Tub Serum Total Cleanse to continue to remove the scum and gunk that has built up in your plumbing lines.

Finally drain hot tub. Rinse & Wipe thoroughly. Refill tub. Reinstall filter(s).

Step 2 - For Weekly Hot Tub Water Care Maintenance, we recommend the EPA registered Hot Tub Serum Total Maintenance to keep your hot tub totally clean.

    Customer Reviews

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    Steven Henson

    Great product. Easy to use

    So expensive but works

    Wish this wasn't so expensive. It's a small container and in the past has dried out before I had the opportunity to use it all. Seems to work though so I still keep buying it. Wish they would consider selling it as individual per-use packets so it's always fresh and always the right amount.

    Works great!

    Amazing stuff--works like a charm. We had accumulations of a calcium like deposit on our water jets and were looking at having to take them apart to get them working right. Saw this product and figured it was worth a try. Tub came out clean as a whistle and our jets are working fine now too.


    I use their purple solution during monthly maintenance. This one worked great! You only use a little. Should last a few years. Exceeded my expectations.

    Eric McCune
    Worked as intended

    Easy to use.


    Ask a Question
    • Will total cleanse kill grass or trees.

      We have used the product and we have never had any issues with it killing our grass or trees. We have also had many customers say that it did not damage their grass or trees!

    • Is it safe to drain hot tub in the grass after using this product?

      This should not effect your grass at all!

    • Why does it tell me to leave the filters in while using this?

      You need to leave the filters in to catch the slime that breaks loose. You will have to clean the filters or replace them after using the product. It was very easy to use! We also recommend using the liquid to maintain weekly!

    • Can this be used on indoor whir-pool, jetted tubs?

      Absolutely! It's highly concentrated so try using 1/2 teaspoon for a normal size jetted bathtub. You can always add more if needed:)

    • Does the Serum total cleanse come in a large container - more that 2oz.?

      No it does not come in a larger container! It only comes in a small concentrated 2oz. jar that will treat up to 700 gallons.

    • Can this product be used with a peroxide spa?

      Yes, it can be used with any spa upkeep since you drain the spa after using it. It's a great product and works as advertised!

    • Will this work with salt water sanitation?

      Yes! Hot Tub Serum can be used in conjunction with any sanitation system :)

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