Spa Pure Stain and Scale Preventer 1 qt

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The Spa Pure Stain and Scale Preventer will quickly and effectively remove iron, copper, manganese, and high calcium hardness from spa and hot tub water. This product can prevent scale from accumulating and will help remove freshly built-up scale that has recently appeared on your spa's surfaces.

  • Prevents and removes scale deposits
  • Removes harmful metals that can stain surfaces

How To Use

  1. Remove fresh stains and scale:

    1. Rinse and clean the filter with SpaPure Filter Cleaner according to label instructions.
    2. Balance spa water to appropriate ranges, including pH and alkalinity.
    3. With circulation system running, add 2 to 3 ounces of this product directly to the water for every 100 gallons of water.
    4. Continue to circulate water for at least one hour. Spa may become hazy for a short period of time after application.
    5. Existing stains and scale buildup may need to be brushed away with an appropriate spa brush.

    2. Prevent stains and scale:

    1. Test spa water at least once a week and make necessary adjustments.
    2. Weekly, with circulation system running, add 1 ounce of this product directly to the water for every 100 gallons of water.

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