Spa Marvel Treatment and Conditioner Plus Hot Tub Sponge Oil Absorber - 1 Pack

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Just empty one bottle of Spa Marvel into your spa or hot tub and enjoy natural benefits for up to three months

Spa Marvel Water Treatment & Conditioner is an environmentally-friendly, enzyme-based spa-water treatment product that can reduce and eliminate the need for many of the chemicals used in traditional spa water treatment.

Spa Marvel is compatible with all hot tubs and traditional spa treatment systems including ozonators, ionizers, ultraviolet, chlorine, bromine, lithium, and salt systems.


  • Naturally conditions water making your skin feel soft and amazing.No More odor, itching rashes, or red-eye.
  • No More Scum Lines
  • Use fewer chemicals in your hot tub, let Spa Marvel do most of the work! 
  • Gentle to skin, hair, and bathing suits
  • It helps keep your pH & Alkalinity balanced.
  • 100% organic and is non-toxic to all living creatures and the environment
  • Lasts for up to 3 months
  • Drain spa & hot tub water only once a year
  • 100% Guaranteed!

Spa Marvel Hot Tub Handbook CLICK HERE


How To Use

1) Drain hot tub and clean filters with a product such as Spa Marvel Filter Cleaner.

2) Fill spa and heat to normal operating temperature.

3) Add one bottle for up to 500 gallons (2000 liters) of freshwater.

4) Balance pH and alkalinity if necessary.

5) For best results set the spa's filtration system for a minim of 6 hours a day.

6) Clean filters as necessary.

7) Use a Sanitizer

One bottle of Spa Marvel Treatment & Conditioner will last up to 3 months. First-time users should try using the Spa Marvel Cleanser prior to using the Spa Marvel Water Treatment & Conditioner. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 282 reviews
Tamara Bull
Perfect conditioner for my portable hot tub

I use one entire container in my saluspa portable hot tub every 3 months.  When this is used in addtional to daily chlorine checks it keeps my hot tub clean and clear.  Better for skin too.

Great product

Keeps the PH in my spa almost perfect for three months..


Spa Marvel is an amazing water conditioner for your hot tub or spa. You can feel the difference! The water feels soft and silky on your skin. It is easier to maintain balanced water with less added chemicals when you condition your water with Spa Marvel. I have been using this product for over a year and will never switch to a different brand for my hot tub!

Michelle J.

Awesome product !!!

Peter Dela Torre
Conditions the water really well

It’s the second time I have purchased the product. It works great in conditioning the water in my hot tub. I use less chemicals. It’s good on the skin.


Ask a Question
  • If i use Treatment and Conditioner do i still need to add bromine tablets to spa?

    Yes you still need to use chlorine or bromine. The Spa Marvel Treatment and Conditioner is an enzyme!

  • What happens if I go more than 3 months without adding another bottle of Spa Marvel?

    It is important to replenish Spa Marvel every three months, especially if you are trying to get as close as you can to having a hot tub without chemicals. You will need to use more sanitizer to maintain desired readings, pH and alkalinity may begin to wander, the soft-skin feeling will diminish and you may begin to encounter foaming and scum lines.

  • I only have a 250 gallons hot tub, do I only use ½ of the bottle of Spa Marvel every 3 months?

    You should add 1 full bottle of Spa Marvel for all tubs up to 500 gallons, regardless of size. Every time you get out of the spa, you take some Spa Marvel out with you. It is for this reason that you need to add more very three months.

  • How often should I change my water when using Spa Marvel?

    It is good practice to change your hot tub water every 3 months. Use Spa Marvel Cleanser prior to changing the water.

  • How long does Spa Marvel last? Will it ever expire?

    One full bottle of Spa Marvel will treat any tub up to 500 gallons (2000 liters) and will last 3 months with regular use. That is if you use it correctly! Spa Marvel has a 10 year shelf life.

  • How will I save using Spa Marvel?

    The cost of using Spa Marvel will be offset by savings realized through reduced chemical cost and reduced wear and tear on equipment, heaters, lids, and bathing suits.

  • Is Spa Marvel compatible with other spa water treatment products?

    Spa Marvel is compatible with all makes and models of spas so you do not need to worry about your spa. As for chemicals it is compatible with all water treatments including chlorine, bromine, salt water, biguanide products, ionization, ozone and ultra violet.

  • How do I know if Spa Marvel is working?

    You will be able to feel that Spa Marvel is working! After getting out of your spa your skin will feel moisterized. You will also notice you will use less sanitizer, it will help maintain your pH and Alkalinity and it will prevent foaming and scum lines!

  • Can I use Spa Marvel in place of my chemicals?

    You will still need to sanitize your spa by using a chemical line. Spa Marvel will naturally help you maintain and clean and clear spa and keep your levels where they need to be.

  • How long can I get into my spa after adding the conditioner?

    You can start enjoying your Spa Immediataly after you add the Spa Marvel Treatment & Conditioner.

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