Spa Marvel Filter Cleaner

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Remove odors and buildup that accumulate in the spa's filter that build up over time. This easy-to-use cleaner is powerful and removes oils, hair, dirt, and grime that is trapped in the filter causing unpleasant odors. Using this product on a regular basis will avoid odor problems in your cartridge filter without the use of bleach or harsh acids.

Spa Marvel Hot Tub Handbook CLICK HERE

 How to Use

1) Remove the filter from the spa and rinse with a spray hose. 

2) Add 2 capfuls of Spa Marvel Filter Cleaner to up to 5 gallons (20 liters) of fresh water in a pail.

3) Soak filter overnight in the solution. 

4) Remove debris from the filter with a strong stream of water. Ideally, the filter should be allowed to dry before replacing it. 

Customer Reviews

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T. Lee
A must for any Spa owner

We've used Spa Marvel products for 7 years now and wouldn't use anything else.  Highly recommend.  No smell, cleans great.  We soak in a tall bucket for at least 48 hours then use a power washer to clean the cartridge.  Looks like new.

Great product

Spa marvel is a must if you own a hot tub,it's simply amazing..with this product you can keep chlorine levels very low they have awesome customer service

Jason DesRivieres
Does what it says.

This product does what its ment to. Will buy again.

Great filter cleaner

Really easy to use  totally cleans the filter even if it is very grimy. You must also rinse the filter before and after to get it 100% clean.

Michael Eichinger
Excellent Product

Does a wonderful job as specified and does not cause excess foam like other brands


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