Spa Marvel All-In-One Hot Tub Treatment, X10 Filter + Grime Gripper

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Benefits: Spa Marvel Treatment & Conditioner, Spa Marvel Cleanser & Spa Marvel Filter Cleaner is everything you need to keep your hot tub crystal clear. These three products combined help you with cleaning and maintaining your spa or hot tub water. Your spa will also last longer if you use these products together

Spa Marvel Treatment and Conditioner: 1 bottle lasts up to 3 months in your hot tub. Simply pour the entire bottle into your spa and let it do the rest, that’s it. Simple, easy and affordable. 

Spa Marvel Treatment and Conditioner: Eliminates tub rash, no more odor, no more scum lines, no more chemical hassles, gentle to skin, hair and bathing attire, Balances pH and alkalinity, 100% guaranteed. Conditions water for sensitive skin, Moisturizes your skin naturally, Water so soft and clean you won’t feel the need to shower after using your spa.

Filter Cleaner: Add 2 capfuls per cleaning. Deep cleans filter cartridges without the use of harsh chemicals, acids, or bleach. Removes oils, hair, dirt, and grime that can get trapped in the fabric of filter cartridges.

Cleanser: 1 bottle per cleanse. Deep cleans spa's pipes, plumbing, and equipment. Removes organic, mineral, and chemical contaminants from the water. Use this when opening or refilling your spa

Spa Marvel Hot Tub Handbook CLICK HERE

How To Use -Spa Marvel Treatment & Conditioner

1) Drain hot tub and clean filters with a product such as Spa Marvel Filter Cleaner.

2) Fill spa and heat to normal operating temperature.

3) Add one bottle for up to 500 gallons (2000 liters) of fresh water.

4) Balance pH and alkalinity if necessary.

5) For best results set the spa's filtration system for a minim of 6 hours a day.

6) Clean filters as necessary.

One bottle of Spa Marvel Treatment & Conditioner will last up to 3 months. First-time users should try using the Spa Marvel Cleanser prior to using the Spa Marvel Water Treatment & Conditioner. 

How to Use - Spa Marvel Filter Cleaner

1) Remove the filter from spa and rinse with a spray hose. 

2) Add 2 capfuls of Spa Marvel Filter Cleaner to up to 5 gallons (20 liters) of fresh water in a pail.

3) Soak filter overnight in the solution. 

4) Remove debris from the filter with a strong stream of water. Ideally, the filter should be allowed to dry before replacing it. 

How To Use - Spa Marvel Cleanser

1) Remove filters.

2) Pour one bottle of Spa Marvel Cleanser into existing water.

3) Allow Cleanser to circulate in the water with jets on high for at least 1 hour and then circulate on low speed for an additional 23 hours.

4) Drain and flush the tub. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat before every drain and refill.

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Amazing product and I recommend to everyone

quality. My skin feels so much better!

Easy to use and I like that its all in one kit!

Spa Marvel start up kit

Wow love this bundle

Great Product and I like supporting this small business

Soft skin after being in the hot tub

Product works as advertised

A+++++++ Product

No more hives


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