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Before using SilkBalance for the first time, you should purge the plumbing system underneath to clean away the organic deposits in your plumbing lines from previous use. This concentrated liquid formula is specially blended to work with water of all hardness levels and is designed to deep clean the spa pipes, jets and plumbing equipment.

    CLEAN START PREPARES YOUR TUB for luxuriously simple spa experiences in just hours, not days.

    With the jets on high, Clean Start will flush your hot tub in 30 minutes. You can drain and refill your spa and not have to worry about lingering, foaming residue. Since there is no need for overnight soaking or multiple flushes, this process prepares your tub for luxuriously simple spa experiences in hours, not days.

    At the end of the process, your spa is left with a fresh, clean scent. In addition to purging old spa water before starting the SilkBalance conditioning system, we highly recommend using Clean Start to flush the plumbing once a year. (Just remember to remove all filters along with any other ancillary items such as salt water cells, mineral cartridges, in-line sanitizers, etc. before using Clean Start).

    How To Use

    1. REMOVE all filter/s and any ancillary items (saltwater cell, mineral cartridges & in-line sanitizers) as instructed by manufacturer. DO NOT DRAIN.
    2. For Hot Tubs, pour 1 bottle of Clean Start directly into water intake. For Swim Spas, use 2 bottles of Clean Start.
    3. RUN all jets and water features on high for 15-30 mins. Water should be at or above 90 degrees F.
    4. DRAIN all water from spa, flush top jets, rinse/wipe spa shell of any residue.
    5. REFILL spa with clean water. REINSTALL filter/s and ancillary items as instructed by manufacturer and ADJUST water chemistry. 

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 100 reviews

      So easy to use! I thought my hot tub was super clean. I drain it every fall when I get new filters, so I thought I would try this just because i was draining it anyways. I couldn't believe everything that came out, so gross!! I'm so glad I used this!

      The best !

      I have tried a lot of different hot tub cleaners before draining and refilling, and this one is the best so far.

      Eric M.
      Seems to work, but pricey

      I just did my first water change about 6 months in. I use Leisure Time Bright & Clear periodically, so I’m used to seeing the gunk that floats up. I didn’t see much here - just an orange ring that easily wiped off with a sponge. Could be the B&C usage keeps that low - hard to say because so many variables in HT maintenance. The water looked pristine after I filled the tub, though! Will update after a few soaks.

      It works

      It worked great

      Beware someone is returning these after using them.

      Ordered twice and both times it was opened and usd. Really upset that I have to order again cuz this stuff is great for the tub. Ugh


      Ask a Question
      • Where do you add this product? It says water intake, where would that be?

        Once you remove the filter add the product where the filter was!

      • Can I use this in my bathtub with jets? I get grossed out thinking about using jets others have bathed in. I would like to purge them first!

        Yes you can, it will clean your jets!

      • After using this product where do you drain the water? Is it safe for the lawn or does it need to go to sewer line?

        It is completely ok to drain the water on your lawn after the Clean start has worked its magic!

      • I drain my hot tub in the summer. Would you recommend using this when I drain it, or when it is filled in the fall?

        We would recommed using the Clean Start what you drain your spa in the summer. That way the spa will be clean while it sits during the summer and you will have an easy start up in the fall!

      • My spa has multiple filters, do I need to remove all of them in order to use this product?

        When using Clean Start remove all filters, it is a cleanser for mechanical parts only. There is a other products for cleaning filters like Spa Marvel Filter Cleaner

      • After using this, we have a brown ring around the top (where the top of the water was). Any advice on how to clean that?

        You will need to scrub it with a sponge, they sell sponges just for the tubs, better to do it before you drain it so you can use the water that's in the tub with the cleaner in it. This product brings all the gunk in the pipes out into the tub so when you drain it, it all goes out. But you will have to clean the residue ring. Make sure to fill and drain again as well to get everything out or you may get a foaming problem.

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