Medicine Springs Mineral Therapy ROMAN Formula (Bath Tub)

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Roman Solus Per Aqua

Turn your bathtub into a natural hot spring! Each bag contains 2 bath soaks or treats 100 gallons each. Made with minerals found in natural hot springs in the Roman.


Solus Per Aqua or health through water was the origin of the term spa.  As the Roman Empire ruled Europe, hot springs lent healing properties to the people and armies of the era.  Mineral pools spread through the region were frequented by emperors and royalty and prized for their ability to heal the body, the mind and spirit.  Waters rich in Magnesium and Bicarbonate alleviated the war-weary soldiers of the Roman army.  Many of these historic bathhouses still exist today and willingly offer their medicinal properties to the modern traveler.  Grab your spear, don your loincloth and let these ancient minerals flood your body and find your own Solus Per Aqua.

How To Use

Use 1 treatment for a 100-gallon bath. This product contains 2 bath soaks (100 gallons each) and you will get 2 soaks per bag. Has no impact on your plumbing, jets, or filters.


Natural Minerals: Calcium, Bicarbonate, Magnesium, Sulfate, Chloride, Sodium, Manganese, Selenium, 83 Trace Minerals. 

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    This is my favorite

    I LOVE taking baths! This just made my bath time ten times more fun knowing that I am soaking in the Rome! I end up staying in the tub longer and when I get out my skin feels amazing! I've been through a lot of different soaks to add to my tub but this one is by far the best! Hands down, best one!


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