Silk Balance & Ahh-Some All-In-One Hot Tub Purge Treatment Package

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The all-in-one hot tub purge kit will have everything you need to purge your hot tub pipes, condition your water and maintain spa water clarity! These products are hand-picked by us and they are the BEST possible products you can use for your hot tub. 


    • Purge with Ahh-Some
    • Condition with SilkBalance
    • Maintain with Ahh-Some Spray & Grime Gripper

    How To Use

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      Customer Reviews

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      Happy with everything!

      I will be buying this kit again! It has everything that I didn't know I needed when owning a hot tub. I am super impressed with the grime gripper! Also, the Ahh-some purge has multiple purges in the container. I couldn't believe what came out of my hot tub. It isn't even old!

      Wow i'm impressed with every product in this bundle!

      I trusted Macke Pool and ordered this kit for my hot tub. I have never purged my hot tub pipes before.. boy have I been missing out. The picture I attached is what my hot tub looked like after I put Ahh-some in! It was very easy to use and understand. After I cleaned the pipes, I filled up the spa and used my sanitizer. I added SilkBalance and sprayed the spa with the Ahh-some spray. Finally, I placed the Grime Gripper in the hot tub. I have been using it for about 3 months now and my spa is ALWAYS clear and the water feels amazing!


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      • Do I need to use sanitizer with this kit still?

        Yes, you still need to add your normal sanitizing product like chlorine. The Silkbalance is a water conditioner and you will end up using less harsh chemicals because it will help keep your water clear!

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