AHH-Some Winterizing Swimming Pools 6oz

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This product is for your pool and is used in addition to the chemical lines you are currently using! It is compatible with all chemical lines! 

Ahh- Some has made an easy-to-use “all in one” Winterizing Formula for your pool!  It serves as a Cleaner & Clarifier & Bio-Cleaner which is a concentrated gel that is added to the pool prior to covering. It dissolves in minutes and goes to work immediately. Its triple-action formula aids in maintaining perfect water clarity all winter long. Ahh-Some 3 in 1 Winter Pool Clarifier & Bio-Cleaner does it all! No harsh chemicals can stain or ruin your liner or pool finish. There is no need to add a ton of chemicals to your water. No need to hang obnoxious dispensers into the pool. Years of tinkering went into this proven formula. Ahh-Some is compatible with any and all sanitizer or chemical programs including Salt & Bacquacil.

Winterizing with Ahh-Some 3-N-1 Winter Pool Clarifier & Bio-Cleaner is the safest way to guarantee that your pool water will stay clean and clear during dormant water conditions. Many people use lots of chlorine to winterize. This harms your liner or pool finish, decreases the pliability of the vinyl, and can cause staining of precipitated particulates. Stop bleaching your pool liner or pool finish! We want you to use some chlorine or non-chlorine shock for winterizing, but not large dosages that are expensive and can harm your pool.

Add the Ahh-Some 3-N-1 Winter Pool Clarifier & Bio-Cleaner directly to your pool water or through your skimmer if the filter is still operating. Simply scoop it out with your hand and deposit it in the water. It will dissolve in a matter of minutes. You will see a little bit of foam when it is introduced. This is normal! If your filter is still hooked up, run it for about 6-8 hours. It’s also OK if your filter is already disconnected. Simply mix up the pool water with a vacuum head or other device to assure that Ahh-Some 3-N-1 Winter Pool Clarifier & Bio-Cleaner mix completely into the pool. Many people mix Ahh-Some 3-N-1 Winter Pool Clarifier & Bio-Cleaner in a large bucket of pool water, stir it up, and pour it into the pool.

    How To Use
    1. Treat with the filter operating if you can.
    2. Adjust pH to 7.4.-7.8.
    3. Adjust Total Alkalinity to 80-120 ppm.
    4. Shock pool with your usual shock or super chlorinator.
    5. In a 5-gallon bucket, mix 1/2 of contents from 6oz container with approximately 4 gallons of water. Mix until dissolved. NOTE: It May take a few minutes, especially in cold water. It is also OK to add the gel to the skimmer if your pool pump and filter have not been winterized yet.
    6. While walking around the pool perimeter, pour the mixture into the pool.
    7. Repeat until the proper dose has been added to the pool.
    8. Treat at a rate of 1oz/2500 gallons.
    9. Circulate with pump running if possible for 6-8 hours if possible.
    10. Winterize equipment and install the cover.

    NOTE: If pool equipment has already been winterized, you can still provide some water protection by following steps 5-9. However, results may not be as good.

      Customer Reviews

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      Well the ease of this product seems good,will k ow more when I open the pool in the spring

      Easy to use

      This stuff is awesome!

      Easiest winter pool closing ever

      It works as described

      We were having trouble with white mold, and nothing was helping.  We saw information that this product helps break down the stubborn biofilm of the mold in order to effectively treat it.  Using this treatment before closing last season was our first step & boy did it work!  Upon opening this season, the water was crystal clear & everything this product defeated was clumped at the bottom of the floor to be vacuumed out.  From there, we have put the monthly Ahh-some clarifier in & this routine has kept the white mold away...FINALLY!  We will keep this winterizing product in our closing routine without question!

      Must Have!

      Must have for the hot tub owner to clean all the pipes prior to a summer shut-down and before starting up for the winter

      This product really works !

      I used it during close down of pool from Fall 2020 to Spring 2021. When opening the pool I was positively surprised. The only dirt was dust that made it under the cover during some storms in late fall and early spring. The product is great. No trace of any algae. I got the water back to crystal clear in 4 days. No srubbing, no extensive water out and new water in. Balancing the „new“ pool was a breeze. I will order again for the 21 to 22 season.


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