Advanced Blue Algicide/Bactericide - 64oz, 32oz or 8oz

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Advanced Blue is the Algicide / Bactericide for the Advanced Pool and Spa System. Advanced Blue only needs to be added once every 2 weeks. Advanced Blue is very gentle on your skin and eyes. Advanced Blue will not bleach vinyl liners and you can swim immediately after application. This product is environmentally friendly and EPA registered as an algicide/bactericide. You won't believe how easy Advanced Blue is to use.

Advanced Blue will not burn off or evaporate like chlorine. Advanced Blue has the unique ability to stay suspended in the water until there is a need for the copper. This makes your life easier and more enjoyable because you do not need to continually monitor your pool.

Advanced-Blue has an unique carrier which is bonded with the copper ion. Advanced-Blue contains a minimal amount of non-chelated copper. Advanced-Blue is also friendly to the environment. Advanced-Blue® will stay in the water column until there is a need. Advanced-Blue® is added every two weeks and may be checked with the Advanced Test Kit. Do Not Over apply Advanced-Blue®.

First Time Using Advanced Blue

Dosage For Spas and Hot Tubs:

  • When applying Advanced Blue for the first time find out how many gallons of water your spa holds.
  • Apply 5 milliliters of Advanced-Blue to each 100 gallons of water. Run the filter as recommended by your spa manufacturer. Keep in mind that you can never filter to much. Do Not apply Advanced-Blue more often then every two (2) weeks.

Dosage For Pools:

  • When applying Advanced Blue for the first time find out how many gallons of water your pool holds.
  • Apply 2 ounces of Advanced-Blue to every 1,000 gallons of pool water. Wait 24 hours and recheck pH. DO NOT add more Advanced-Blue® for the next two weeks.

Every 2 Week Maintenance (14 Days):
  • Use the Advanced Copper Test Kit to measure the copper level in your water. The copper level has slowly decreased since the last time you added the Advanced Blue. You need to get the Advanced Blue (copper) level of your water back to 0.9 ppm. Do NOT exceed 1.0ppm Metallic copper. Use the dosage calculator to determine the amount of Advanced Blue to add.


  • DO NOT pour into the skimmer
  • DO NOT add Advanced Blue for 2 Weeks
  • DO NOT let Advanced Blue Freeze

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