Frequently Asked Questions

Trouble Shooting My Own Pristine Blue Pool

1. Do you use city or well water?
2. What is your current pH, alkalinity, pH, calcium hardness, PristineBlue and chlorine levels?
3. How often do you run your pool filter?
4. What kind of filter do you have? How old is the filter media?
5. When is the last time you added chemicals?  What did you add and how much?
6. How many gallons is your swimming pool?
7. Is your water level mid-way of your filter skimmer?
8. Have you recently had heavy rains or heavy bather loads?
9. Have you added any chemicals outside of the PristineBlue Product line? (This isn’t necessarily bad, we just like to know all things that have been added that could potentially be causing problems.)
10. Do you have any trees or bushes near the swimming pool?

My kids are getting green hair from your Pristine Blue treated pool. What do I do?

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