SilkBalance Shock Gems - 40 Gems

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ELIMINATE ODORS AND REDUCE ORGANIC CONTAMINANTS with these convenient, single-dose MPS shock gems

 - Non-Chlorine Shock

When it’s time to shock your spa, our Shock Gems are the convenient solution because the tiny one-ounce pods are specially formulated to work in conjunction with the SilkBalance water conditioner. SilkBalance has taken the hassle out of keeping your spa clean with this new, handy, non-chlorine chemical alternative.


How To Use

Because SilkBalance is not a sanitizer, you still need to oxidize any organic contaminants in the spa. Simply toss 1 Shock Gem in your spa after soaking – for up to two bathers – and 2 Shock Gems for three or more bathers. (You never need to add more than two Shock Gems at a time.) This removes organics such as body oil and perspiration and helps prepare your water for the next use.


      Customer Reviews

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      Tried Gems & Liquid

      Here is what I thought after buying the gems. The gems are great when you have a 400 gallon spa because you don't have to measure and everything is just easy but for me I have a 2 person spa and can make the liquid last a lot longer because I can measure it out myself and only add half. This is what my spa looks like!

      Jennifer Myer
      Go BIG or go HOME!

      We started with the 38oz Silk balance to try it out in our hot tub before committing to the large gem container. We realized right away we should be purchasing the large pod because we use it so much!! My advice... just buy the gems to begin with you won't be disappointed.

      Rebecca Young
      Soft Skin approved!

      We recently started to add Silk Balance to our hot tub as recommended by Macke Pool. This product does WONDERS for our skin and use it every time we have company over (which is frequent haha)!


      Ask a Question
      • What size spa are the gems measured out for?

        The gems are measured out for any size spa!

      • How many doses do I get in this container?

        There are 16 pods in a container which equates to 16 weekly doses. Same amount of doses as the 76oz liquid Silk Balance but no measuring!

      • What is the difference between the gems and the liquid?

        The only difference between the gems and the liquids are that the gems are already measured out for you when adding them to your spa! They desolve within 20 seconds and they work great.

      Welcome Newcomer
      Customer Reviews