Aqua Cal ECP0343 PoolSync WiFi Controller for AquaCal Heat Pump and AutoPilot ChlorSync Chlorinator

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Get advanced functionality with the ChlorSync salt chlorine generator when you pair it with the PoolSync WiFi Controller and put control in the palm of your hand! In the PoolSync phone app, you can view the current salt level and water temperature, see how much salt to add, when needed, and receive alerts should the unit need any attention.

You can also control an AquaCal heat pump through the PoolSync phone app, letting you adjust the mode and temperature setting in the blink of an eye. Visit for more details.



• View current salt level and water temperature
• See how much salt to add, when needed
• Receive a notification when the cell needs to be cleaned
• Be alerted should the unit need any attention
• Compact design and easy installation
• Intuitive app auto-senses PoolSync Ready equipment, eliminating programming



110v or 220v, 50 or 60Hz
WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity
iOS and Android compatible

Unit Includes

PoolSync™ WiFi Controller and Manual

Physical Dimensions

11" x 4.5" x 1"

Shipping Dimensions

12" x 5" x 2"

Physical Weight

.45 lb.

Shipping Weight

1 lb.



California residents – Click here for Proposition 65 warning


Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Ian Johnson
Initial Set Up Tricky

I managed to set up the Controller to the App after several attempts. I discovered my phone (One Plus 10 Pro) would not find any WiFi connections in the App during set up. Not sure why but I was able to install the App on an older phone, log into my account and find my Wifi connection along with other nearby connections. I then successfully connected my heat pump to my App account on the older phone. I could then log into my App account on my One Plus phone and access the controls. No need to set the Heat Pump Smart setting either to 'Smart' which is mentioned in some older Aqua cal online videos. The D port connection in the heater could be better identified. It is the bottom left port. Feed in the cable before gently removing the green cover and connecting the 4 wires in the correct positions, then carefully push on the green connection.

100% recommended

Purchased this product to control my heat pump for my rental property. Had an issue connecting to my wifi network. Called tech support who quickly diagnosed that my firmware predated a google security update that was preventing the device connecting to the web app. They then scheduled a tech to visit my property and replace my device with a newly flashed device. Superb customer service! The device works perfect, intuitive controls and a nice look.

Derek Napoli
Amazing product, super easy to install

The media could not be loaded. Super easy install (heat pump). Literally take cover off, remove control board cover, use pliers to gently remove port D. Insert wires based on instructions and tighten down. Reinstall port and covers. When configuring, make sure you are NOT connected to your home wifi as you will need to connect to the devices wifi. Also, make sure you allow the cloud service so you can access from anywhere you have internet (couple of Amazon reviews were negative because they claimed you couldn’t control this outside of home wifi). Again, this was a very easy install and a great accessory to have so anyone in my family can control our pool heater.

Easy installation, works like promised, can't update firmware

This controller sure does make monitoring the pool heat pump and scheduling it for energy efficiency easy. For example, I have it run only Thu-Sun because I don't usually use the pool on weekdays. I can do this both at home, connected to my own WiFi, and when away, which suggests that some of the earlier problems have been resolved.Installation was straightforward, although initial WiFi connection required more than a few tries. The app is telling me that the device's firmware needs to be updated, but I have not yet been successful there.

Works as advertised. Nice addition to pool automation.

Easy install. Easy interface. Easy to control our heater.


Ask a Question
  • Is it easy to install? Do I need to hire someone to install it?

    This controller is really easy to install yourself. Read the instructions and you will have no problem at all!

  • Can I use this from a location many miles away from the pool to turn the heat pump on, or do I need to be on the same wifi network as the controller)?

    Yes, you are able to use this from any location. Once you get the initial setup done you can control your pool heater from anywhere.

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