Grime Gripper Pool & Spa Scum Eliminating Ball for Hot Tub, Pool or Swim Spa

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Grime Grippers float in your pool or spa to help prevent the formation of scum lines and reduce foaming. Simply place the Grime Gripper into a clean pool or spa to absorb more than 40 times its weight in body oils and lotions. Just float the grime remover in your pool or spa for about 30 days, or until saturated, then clean and reuse.

Grime Gripper

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Skeptical at first!

When I received my Grime Gripper it looked flat. I placed it in the water anyway. After a couple of days the ball formed into a circle and started collecting grime! So impressed. I will order these again!

Do what they're made to do!

Work better than the scumbugs i was using previously in my hot tub. Seem to hold up a bit longer too. They say they are reusable, but in my experience, you're better off throwing them out once they are "dirty". they never seem to work as well after that.

I was doubtful. It they actually work

I was doubtful that this would work. I didn't think that a small cloth ball would keep the scum ring from developing in our hot tub. It does! It actually works! It hasn't caused any damage either. I was worried because our Caldera tub has a floating ring system where the water gets sucked in and I read some people saying you shouldn't use these with that type of water filter system. These cloth balls can't make it past the plastic filter grid so it can't get sucked into the filter cartridge area.

Using for years

Love these little spa balls! They are perfect for keeping body oils and soap scum out of the hot tub. I have used these for years, but just recently realized from the instructions on the package, that they are to be replaced once a month. Seriously, I used the same ball before for over a year and it still collected gunk. Anyway, these just float around one at a time and gather up any residue of lotions or soaps we use in the day, I always wash out swim suits with only water to prevent the foaming in the spa, but there is always something left on our skin after bathing or showering. The little ball takes care of all that.

Must have in your Hot Tub or Pool!!

I use these in my Hot tub and pool all the time!! I leave it in for the recommended time frame of 30 days and I have attached the picture of what the ball picks up in just 30 days! This ball has helped keep my water cleaner and easier to maintain. My daughters go in the hot tub and always have lotions and sprays and stuff on so this picks up all of that stuff that sits on the top. I have also noticed my filters don't get as dirty!


Ask a Question
  • I get scum lines in my spa, will these help?

    Yes, these will not help with scum lines that already exist. You have to clean and treat those. They will help with making sure you will not get any new scum lines. The grime that gets built up on your hot tub side walls will get caught by the Grime Gripper instead of the walls of your spa.

  • How long do these last?

    How long they will last depends on how often the spa is used, and whether people shower before using i. In other words, how much body oils it has to absorb. We use our spa about three times a week and always shower first, so we get about 60-90 days out of each one. Some spas that ar not as clean and maintained get about 30 days.

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