AHH-Some Washing Machine, Dishwasher Pipe Purge - 2oz

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If your washing machine or dish washer is old or smelly or just doesn't seem to be doing it's job you may need to consider purging the pipes! Ahh-some is an inexpensive, easy to use, fresh and green product that rids your washing machine from mold, mildew and fungi. One 1/2  tsp (teaspoon) of Ahh-Some Washing Machine/Dishwasher Bio Cleaner & Deodorizer in the detergent hopper once every 30-60 days or as needed to keep your washer and the entire area around it smelling fresh and clean!

Note: After running Ahh-Some through your washer, you will notice a foul smell. This is normal. It is the result of the bio-contamination that was dislodged from the internal components of your washer. As soon as you run your next load of laundry using your regular detergent this odor will disappear.


    •  Washer mold odors disappear!
    •  We recommend 1/2 tsp (teaspoon) every 30-60 days or as needed
    •  Great for dishwashers too!
    •  Septic system safe product.

    How To Use

    Washing Machine

    Dilute 1/2 Tsp of gel into 4 ounces of warm or tepid water so it dissolves faster. Pour this into the washing machine detergent hopper. Do a short "HOT CYCLE" with no clothing or articles in the washer during the Ahh-Some treatment. It is not necessary to add any bleach or other cleaning products with the Ahh-Some Bio-Cleaner. We recommend monthly cleanings or more often depending on the amount of use.

    Dish Washer

    Follow the same instructions as for the Washing Machine but pour the Ahh-Some liquid directly into the Dishwasher bottom cabinet. Run on a short "Clean or Hot Cycle" with no dishes in the appliance at this time. Periodically, you should clean the filter that is located in the bottom of the dishwasher cabinet (some models). Review your manual to locate and learn how to clean the filter (if equipped). We recommend monthly cleanings only. Because of hotter temperatures and the detergent strength of most pods, monthly Ahh-Some cleaning is all you should need.

      Customer Reviews

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      solomon chernishov
      got rid of smell

      Did a great job of getting rid of smell from washing machine. Macke pool thanks for being the only people that were able to offer shipping to Canada. Nobody carries this cleaner or is able to order it for me in Canada.

      Dish/Laundry Wash product

      It was amazing to see how much cleaner my washer and dishwasher was after one use! My washer tub looked like new, after one use. It cleaned the dishwasher better than I could have expected, I did run a second cycle with this product as I just purchased this home and the dishwasher had a great deal of build up in it. It did an amazing job on my dishwasher. I have shared my experience with this product with all my friends. So nice to use a product that does what it is promoted to do.


      Ask a Question
      • Can this be used on regular cycle if your machine does not have a cleaning cycle?

        Yes it can! Most of the older washers have no cleaning cycle. Make sure to use it at least twice consecutively and then run a standard old using your preferred detergent. After that, the smell should be gone.

      • Can you just use this one in your hot tub as well? Buying both together is pretty pricey!

        If you want to buy just one I would recommend that you purchase the hot tub formula as it is stronger.

      • Is this product septic safe?


      • My washing machine has yellow algae/mold under the rubber door seal. Will this product reach and destroy the algae?

        Typically NO. However, if you mix some of the gel with water and wipe it around the inside of the seal it will definitely help.

      • What is the ingredients in this?

        Surfactants, water and proprietary salts.

      • How many uses per jar?

        Per cleaning it takes a half teaspoon. There is 24 half teaspoons or 24 cleanings per container.

      • Does it get ride of mold or just the smell?

        Some mold is a little tough to get off. Do a couple flushes and it will end up helping with the mold build up! 

      • will Ahh-Some work better or differently if the 2 hour washing machine sanitizing cycle is run instead of the short 22 minute hot cycle?

        That cycle may allow the product to work more effective but it all dependends on what you experience working. We have heard from some users who have said they did this and were happy with the results. Anytime you get your machine to work in concert with the cleaner, the end result should be better. Remember to always do another regular load of laundry using your detergent so any foul odors may be rinsed away after the bio-contaminants are disturbed with the Ahh-Some Cleaner & Deodorizer.

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