AHH-Some Hot Tub, Swim Spa, Jetted Bath Plumbing & Jet Cleaner - 2oz or 6oz

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AHH-Some Spa / Hot Tub Plumbing Jet Cleaner 

Ahh-Some Description

Ahh-Some an environmentally safe bio cleaner and clarifier. It is designed to remove pipe/ jet build-up, it purges your plumbing in your hot water environments like your hot tubs and jetted tubs! Your hot tub sits at high temperatures for long periods of time and biofilm will start collecting to your pipes. No matter what chemicals you are using this will happen. Ahh-Some is made to attack the biofilm and clear it out of the pipes, within minutes! You will know that it is working because the biofilm will float to the top of your spa and stick to the sides. You typically will use Ahh-Some when you are ready for fresh water and draining your spa. 

This product is for your Spas and is used in addition to the chemical lines you are currently using and is compatible with all chemical lines! 


Ahh-Some Benefits

  •  Filter and plumbing lines stay “whistle clean”.
  •  Salt generator cells last longer (you can decrease the production level with   Ahh-Some Water Clarifier & Bio-Cleaner).
  •  Less red-eye and green hair syndrome.
  •  Liners will last longer and remain supple (not dry out as fast).
  •  Aggregate surfaces will be smoother with fewer calcium barnacles.
  •  Heater, heat pump, and solar systems will last longer due to lower sanitizer levels.
  •  Pool cleaners have fewer particulates to capture lowering turbidity levels.

Ahh-Some Directions 

1. Adjust water chemistry to proper balance. Add additional sanitizer before purging.

2. Remove all pillows and headrests if removable.

3. Add 3/4 level teaspoon per 100 gallons of Ahh-Some.

4. Remove filter(s) from hot tub filter well. Hose them off. Place them into the hot tub.

5. Run the pump(s) and blower to attain maximum circulation. Be sure to open-air intake valve(s). Note: Foaming will occur soon after pumps are turned on. This is Normal.

6. If Foaming is excessive, turn the pump(s) off for a few minutes. Turn on again soon after.

7. Run the jets and blower (if equipped) for 20-30 minutes opening ALL jets and waterfalls.

8. Shut the system down. Wipe away clinging gunk and grime from the shell with a towel.

9. Drain the tub. Be sure to dump as much of the dirty water as possible. It is Ok to drain on the ground, in flower gardens, or grass. Do NOT drain into lakes or a stream.

10. Remove the filter(s) from the hot tub and hose clean. Rinse the tub with fresh water.

11. Use rubber gloves and a good cleaner while rinsing and wiping the shell.

12. Mix 1/8th of a level teaspoon of Ahh-Some with 32 ounces of water in a trigger spray bottle to make a wonderful cleaner for the acrylic shell wipe-down. (Optional)

13. Wipe the hot tub as clean as possible, getting the sticky gunk off the interior finish.

14. Fill the hot tub with water to the proper level; replace the filter(s) into the filter well. Balance water and add proper sanitizer. Be sure to use a reliable test kit for proper chemistry.

15. Repeat every 4-6 months. Some tubs may need consecutive and additional purges.

Ahh-Some Ingredients

Ingredients are on this SDS Sheet CLICK HERE

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Buy it...

    Brilliant spa cleaner so glad I took the risk to follow the reviews to buy this product and it cleaned out tub amazingly !


    This stuff really works. I first ran vinegar through the jetted tub in the apartment I just moved into thinking that would be sufficient, but it didn't seem to be hacking it. Whoever lived here before me did no clean this sucker out probably ever. YIKES. So, I did a little research on products that broke down bio-films and ahh-some appeared to be the most well loved. So I bought the 2oz container - I ran it through the tub over and over and over and more and more and more filthy horrifying gunk kept coming out of the jets. So I started to wonder - was I ever going to win this battle? Would the biofilm grow back too fast? Would I ever get these pipes clean to be able to enjoy this jetted bath? So I dropped an email in at the company's website and I kid you not, the owner calls me on the phone in two hours to answer all my questions. He reassured me that I would have to keep fighting some battles, but that in a little bit of time the war would be won.

    So I bought the 6oz jar. FOR ANYONE WITH A JETTED BATHTUB BUY THE 6 OZ CONTAINER - you're gonna need it!.

    bye bye scum!!!

    Okay, I've had a hot tub for 15 years prior to getting my new Catalina in April 2022. For some reason, I could not get this thing to stop turning green, filmy, slimy and foamy. Then I bought Ahh-Some on Amazon based on reviews and after purging what lurked in my plumbing, I have to report we are on a much better track. I took a sieve and got all of the yellow foam out as it was purging, while hosing down the sides so the yellow would not dry and be hard to remove. After the yellow was gone I began my drain, and then brushed down the entire hot tub with a cleaner, changed to a new filter, and refilled. I am happy to report one week in that we are ok, although the water is not as crystal blue as I'd like it to be. I swear this hot tub hates me. But this product is my lifesaver and we can now use the tub.

    Must have

    This stuff is easy to use and works very well. I was kind of grossed out by how much grim it cleaned from the plumbing of the hot tub. This is a must have!

    Tina Zupec
    Great Product

    Love this product. It cleans out my hot tub perfectly.


    Ask a Question
    • Is this septic tank safe?

      It is Septic Safe!

    • Can you use this on an inflatable hot tub?

      Yes! Be sure to wipe all the released sticky gunk with a wet towel so it doesn't dry on the shell.

    • Is this product compatible with baqua sanitizer?

      Yes it is. You will be using this product to clean the bio-contaminants out of your plumbing and jets. You will not be using this while enjoying your tub soak. We will work really well to rid your system of white water mold as well if you have this when using the Baquaspa.

    • Have a 1200 gal swim spa with white mold. How do I use the Ahh-some?

      Add the Ahh-Some plumbing cleaner (1 ounce), that is half of the 2 ounce container. Turn jets on and watch the gunk and mold pour out. You must drain the spa, rinse and wipe and refill.

    • Can it be used with bromine?

      Yes, Ahh-Some works on Bromine Hot Tubs. Remember, you are draining the water AFTER you use the product. When Ahh-Some does it's job the water in the hot tub will look nasty. This is a cleaner that cleans plumbing gunk.

    • Will this work on killing pink mold?

      Yes. Works great on eliminating white or pink mold especially if you are using Baquacil.

    • Can this purge be done with cold water or does it have to be warm?

      We suggest using it with warm water, it works better!

    • Can this product be used in a wooden hot tub?

      Absolutely! It will release lots of stuff that may be harboring in the wood surface. It works great with wooden tubs.

    • If I intend to empty a hot tub for few months, should I use this product with the existing water and just drain it before emptying the hot tub?

      Yes, but use the product just prior to when you plan on dumping the water. This works perfect for when you want to start it back up, you will have fresh clean water!

    • What are the ingredients in Ahh-Some and is it harmful in any way?

      It is not harmful! Here is the SDS Sheet. https://www.ahhsome.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Ahh-Some%C2%AE-Hot-Tub-Jetted-Bath-Plumbing-Jet-Cleaner_GHS_MSDS_9_15_2019.pdf

    • Can I use Ahh-some on anything else?

      Absolutely! Ahh-Some Hot Tub Cleaner is great at removing mold, algae and mildew from any surface. Dilute 5 teaspoons of gel in a 5 gallon bucket or sprayer and clean roof stains, vinyl siding mold, concrete driveways, sidewalks, shower stalls and any hard surface. Ahh-Some is AWESOME!

    • We are using Ahh-some for the first time and it looks like another purge is necessary, do we need to drain and refill hot tub each time we purge?

      Yes! You will achieve better results by emptying and rinsing the tub and refilling. be sure to wipe off any sticky gunk that may be clinging to the shell at the waterline. Don't let that dry on the shell. Wipe it with a wet towel or rag as you dee it form.

    • How many cleanings can you get from this container?

      This is a gel and you measure it with a teaspoon. The 2 ounce container is enough cleaner for 16 jetted bath purges and approximately 2 or 3 Hot Tub Purges depending on the gallonage. This is a very concentrated cleaner somdo not overdose.

    • I have a white chalky waterline ring in my spa. When I touch it it's powdery and coats your finger. Is this white mold?

      Possibly. If you take a small amount of the white stuff and place a drop or 2 of bleach on it, see if it dissolves immediately. If not, it my be calcium deposits or just a conglomeration of bio-contaminants. Be sure you are using chlorine or bromine as a sanitizer and that the pH, total alkalinity and calcium Hardness levels are in their balanced state.

    • If I get the product for jetted tub, can I use the same product for my dishwasher and washing machine?

      You can but you will need to use little more of the gel to get the higher detergent you will need. So, yes you can, but use 3/4 of a teaspoon instead of the 1/2 teaspoon. Great question I might add.

    • can it be used to clean a spa bathtub (indoor)?

      Yes, if the spa has jets!

    • The Pressure in my jets is low. I'm wondering if biofilm buildup is causing the jets to run more slowly. Will Ahh-some help with this?

      I don't think that is possible. This cleans the jets and should allow water to run more freely. You should see big clumps are small spots of dirt coming out of the pipes as this stuff does its jib. If there is no more muck coming out, either you have a serious blockage or your motor is on the way out.

    • If I get the product for jetted tub, can I use the same product for my dishwasher and washing machine?

      You can but you will need to use little more of the gel to get the higher detergent you will need. So, yes you can, but use 3/4 of a teaspoon instead of the 1/2 teaspoon.

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