Serum Triple Action Spa Spray - 16 Ounce

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Used For:

  • Hot tub cover protectant spray
  • Hot tub cover cleaning spray
  • Prevents mold and mildew on the inside of your spa that accumulates in between your pool water and your cover.
  • Prevents against mold and mildew on your spa headrests

Serum Watercare introduces its new TRIPLE ACTION SPA SPRAY. Serum Triple Action Spray provides you with an on-your-shelf solution to two common spa owner complaints, musty odors, and cleans your spa cover. Serum Triple Action stops undesirable musty odors often noticed when opening a hot tub. Triple Action Spray will also clean the spa shell above the water line preventing the accumulation of bacteria and other organic contaminants. Triple Action also prevents mold & mildew from developing on spa covers & around pillows. This spray is a game-changer in the spa industry! There is nothing quite like it out there.

How To Use

Spa odors are often generated by bacteria growing, above the waterline, while your spa is not in use. After each use, and upon exiting your hot tub, spray Serum Triple Action Spa Spray on the "tidal zone" of your spa Shell. The Tidal Zone is 4-6" above the water line on your spa shell. On a weekly basis spray the underside of your spa cover and around the headrests, wipe any residue that forms before closing your cover. 


Hot Tub cover cleaning spray. Serum


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    Cleaned my hot tub cover right up!

    I used this in my hot tub for the last couple of months. I usually get mold growing around the cover and the headrests. I work a lot and the first thing I want to do when I come home is sit in the hot tub not clean it all the time. Anyways I started using this product and it works great on the inside so I decided to use it on the top of my cover. Wow, it makes a difference! I will just keep spraying it all around this tub now for prevention. Must buy! Check out my before and after pictures!


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    • Can I use this to wipe down the inside of my empty hot tub?

      Yes, this works great fot that!

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