Medicine Springs Mineral Therapy JOINT Formula (Hot Tub)

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Turn your hot tub into a natural hot spring! Made from hot springs spread down the Western United States and Japan which were historically sought out for joint pain like Arthritis and Fibromyalgia.

Joint Relief

  • Arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Joint pain
  • Skin health and healing
  • Natural pain relief for arthritis, fibromyalgia, and joint conditions utilizing the healing power of hot springs for your bath tub or hot tub!

How To Use

One bag treats up to 400 gallons.  Has no impact on your plumbing, jets, or filters.  You will still treat your tub the same as you did prior to Medicine Springs.  The product will last approximately 90 days in your hot tub.


About Medicine Springs

For thousands of years prior to the age of “modern medicine” humans across the globe sought out the healing and medicinal waters of natural geothermal mineral springs. These springs were unequalled in their ability to relieve the common however incredibly painful effects of Arthritis, fibromyalgia, and other joint issues commonly associated with aging. Soaking in hot springs is actually mentioned by the arthritis foundation as a method of relief. Medicine Springs Joint has identified some of the most beneficially healing waters for these conditions from around the world. We have taken the best of these springs and packaged them for home use. Our goal is to provide at home relief in the way Mother Nature intended.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Helped relieve my Arthritus

    I have had bad arthritis for a few years now. Using this in my hot tub to relieve the pain has helped tremendously. I would recommend for anyone with arthritis.

    Joint pain relief

    I am an avid runner so constant joint pain is pretty normal. I started adding Medicine Springs joint formula to my hot tub and would soak after my workouts.... wow. I can absolutely feel a difference. Will continue to use this as a natural therapy after a workout!

    will recomend

    Easy to use and does not leave behind a residue in my hot tub.

    Love this in my hot tub

    I love this product. Have been using it for about two years. Transforms my hot tub into exactly what it describes. Wow.


    Ask a Question
    • Good afternoon, my shipment of MEDICINE SPRINGS JOINT FORMULA (HOT TUB) arrived today. 1 question, my hot tub is salt water.. is it safe to use your product mixed with my salt spa? And how long after I add your product would it be safe to use the hot tub provided I can use this product with the saltwater system? Thank you

      Great question! Medicine Springs is completely compatible with saltwater. You can go into your spa immediately after adding Medicine Springs :) I hope this helps!

    • Can I use it in a regular bathroom tub?

      Yes absolutely! The bath salts work great for a regular bath tub.

    • Hello. I have a master spa hot tub that uses an eco pure mineral filter. Is it safe to put this in my hot tub as well?

      Yes it is ok for you to use Medicine Springs with your Master Spa hot tub with the mineral filter!

    • If I use grime gripper and joint formula- do I need to use chlorine weekly and can I use with mineral stick

      Yes, you still need to use a sanitizer (chlorine if that is what you choose) in your spa. What mineral stick are you using?

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