Advanced Blue 64oz or 32oz (Algicide/Bactericide)

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Advanced Blue is the Algicide / Bactericide for the Advanced Pool and Spa System. Advanced Blue only needs to be added once every 2 weeks. Advanced Blue is very gentle on your skin and eyes. Advanced Blue will not bleach vinyl liners and you can swim immediately after application. This product is environmentally friendly and EPA registered as an algicide/bactericide. You won't believe how easy Advanced Blue is to use.

Advanced Blue will not burn off or evaporate like chlorine. Advanced Blue has the unique ability to stay suspended in the water until there is a need for the copper. This makes your life easier and more enjoyable because you do not need to continually monitor your pool.

Advanced-Blue has an unique carrier which is bonded with the copper ion. Advanced-Blue contains a minimal amount of non-chelated copper. Advanced-Blue is also friendly to the environment. Advanced-Blue® will stay in the water column until there is a need. Advanced-Blue® is added every two weeks and may be checked with the Advanced Test Kit. Do Not Over apply Advanced-Blue®.

First Time Using Advanced Blue

Dosage For Spas and Hot Tubs:

  • When applying Advanced Blue for the first time find out how many gallons of water your spa holds.
  • Apply 5 milliliters of Advanced-Blue to each 100 gallons of water. Run the filter as recommended by your spa manufacturer. Keep in mind that you can never filter to much. Do Not apply Advanced-Blue more often then every two (2) weeks.

Dosage For Pools:

  • When applying Advanced Blue for the first time find out how many gallons of water your pool holds.
  • Apply 2 ounces of Advanced-Blue to every 1,000 gallons of pool water. Wait 24 hours and recheck pH. DO NOT add more Advanced-Blue for the next two weeks.

Every 2 Week Maintenance (14 Days):
  • Use the Advanced Copper Test Kit to measure the copper level in your water. The copper level has slowly decreased since the last time you added the Advanced Blue. You need to get the Advanced Blue (copper) level of your water back to 0.9 ppm. Do NOT exceed 1.0ppm Metallic copper. Use the dosage calculator to determine the amount of Advanced Blue to add.


  • DO NOT pour into the skimmer
  • DO NOT add Advanced Blue for 2 Weeks
  • DO NOT let Advanced Blue Freeze

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews

    Good product

    We were skeptical, but holy wow!

    This stuff WORKS! When we first got our pool, we were told by the pool place to just use this instead of the bazillion other chemicals to throw in your pool. We weren't sure about it at all, but figured we'd give it a shot. Surprise! Algae? GONE! Water balance? Pretty good, a little low on free chlorine (or whatever) but that's easily remedied. Overall, we LOVE this stuff and how easy it is to keep our pool clean with it.

    Best and easiest way to keep my pool crystal clear.

    Advanced Blue is the best and easiest way to take care of a pool I’ve ever used. I’ve had my pool for 15 years. I’ve tried several different systems to take care of my pool. Out of all of them, Pristine Blue is the best. It takes the least effort of any of them. I can’t say it’s the cheapest, but my pool stays perfectly clear, the Ph stays in balance, there’s no chlorine smell and when the kids inevitably sit on the furniture with their wet swimsuits it doesn’t discolor the upholstery like chlorine does. Best of all, I don’t have to do a thing to the pool but every two weeks! No chemical checks or anything in between, just every two weeks I do the ten minute routine of test to see how much Advanced needs to be added, add it, shock the pool and I’m done. Easy!!

    Switched to Advanced and SO HAPPY about it

    I was new to pools so I started using Baquasil as I wanted non-chlorine. After trying a few different lines I came across Advanced Blue. It was by far the easiest to maintain and my water looked and felt amazing. I then started adding a Grime Gripper to my water and it made an even better addition. I'm extremely impressed!

    Wow, i'm impressed!

    I've used Advanced Blue for nearly 4 years, and I swear by it. My pool gets full sunlight all day, and chlorine was affected by that. Advanced Blue is very stable, it doesn't bleach bathing suits, it doesn't irritate your skin or eyes, and it doesn't damage your hair. The water feels so soft after using it. To me, it's worth every penny. I've ordered Advanced Blue from Macke Pool Products for many years, and the customer experience is great. They're friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, and get it right every time. I wouldn't order from anyone else.


    Ask a Question
    • Can I use Advanced Blue with a sand pump?

      Yes! Advanced Blue is compatible with Sand Filter Systems

    • Does it work with liner pools?

      Yes, it works with your pools with a liner! It works with all different above-ground and in ground pools.

    • Is Advanced Blue compatible with other chemicals?

      Mixing any chemicals can cause problems in any situation. It is always best to ask the product’s manufacturer before combining chemicals.

    • Is Advanced Blue compatible with D.E., sand or cartridge filters?

      Advanced Blue is compatible with all of these filtration systems!

    • Will Advanced Blue turn my hair green?

      People with blond or chemically treated hair are prone to getting “swimmer’s hair” regardless of what chemicals the pool is treated with. Here are a couple tips to help you with getting swimmers hair

      Always use Advanced Clear as directed
      Wetting chemically treated hair with tap water before swimming
      Shampooing after your done in the pool

      The Advanced Blue system is much easier on your hair than other chemical lines! I have 4 daughters and they have never complained about the way Advanced Blue leaves their hair!

    • Can I use Advanced Blue if my spa has an ozonator or UV?

       Advanced Blue is compatible with both ozonator and UV systems!

    • Can I use Advanced Blue with any pool surface?

       Advanced Blue can be used in all pool surfaces! It is not recommended for use in newly constructed or resurfaced plaster pools until your contractor informs you the surface is fully cured.

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