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Aqua Clarity Hot Tub Cleaner Concentrate


The Aqua Clarity Hot Tub program serves as a dual-purpose product for your hot tub.  Once the concentrate is mixed with water, it is to be used to purge your hot tub AND it also serves as your weekly maintenance program for your hot tub.  Aqua Clarity contains 128 ounces of “magic” once mixed with water. This program is designed to be a low-plastic, just-add-water concept where we supply the concentrate, you supply the container and do the mixing.  It is very important to note that you must first mix the 6 oz. of Aqua Clarity Concentrate with water before using this product in your hot tub. Do not pour the 6 oz. directly into your hot tub.


Here is a laundry list of the benefits of using Aqua Clarity:

  • Water that glistens and shines
  • Water will feel softer and silkier on your skin
  • Sanitizer will go further than what you have experienced
  • pH and total alkalinity will stay fairly constant
  • Accumulation of organics in the plumbing will be reduced
  • Water will smell fresh, look fresh and fee fresh
  • No cloudy or greenish tinted water
  • Saltwater chlorine generator time can be reduced and save on the cell
  • Much lower calcium build-up on saltwater generator cells
  • More enjoyment and less managing water issues
  • Savings of hundreds of dollars per year
  • No longer forced to follow high maintenance protocols
  • No longer forced to follow high maintenance protocols
  • Peace of mind knowing the water is safer, healthier & clearer
  • No more need for enzymes or expensive mineral cartridges
  • Just keep an acceptable ppm level of chlorine or bromine
  • Much less foaming will occur even as your water is kept in the tub for longer periods before draining

Instructions to Use Aqua Clarity

If your hot tub plumbing has never been bio-cleaned by performing a “purge” regularly, you should do so by using the Aqua Clarity program. Aqua Clarity will carry out an effective “purge” as well.

Purging Directions:

  1. Remove the filter(s), headrest(s), and pillow(s), if possible, before purging.
  2. Add 3 ounces of the mixed Aqua Clarity hot tub water clarifier, per every 100 gallon capacity to your hot tub, and run the jets on high for 20 to 30 minutes. Note:  You can run your purge for an additional 30 minutes if you feel it is needed.
  3. You will see some colorful bio-gunk accumulate around the waterline on the shell. Wipe it as you see it, so it doesn’t dry out.
  4. Drain the hot tub as well as you can.
  5. Rinse the shell and wipe any visible particulates that you see.
  6. Refill the hot tub, balance the water chemistry, and add the appropriate amount of sanitizer. Your tub is now ready to begin undergoing the weekly Aqua Clarity Weekly Maintenance program.

Steps to Set-Up Aqua Clarity

  1. Find a one (1) gallon container. Do not use a milk or water gallon jug. Ensure that the plastic cleaner is properly rinsed and cleaned. For safety purposes, the container should have a child-resistant cap. Remove the previous labeling from the container.
  2. Fill the plastic, one-gallon container ¾ of the way with water.
  3. Pour all 6 ounces of the Aqua Clarity Concentrate into the clean plastic gallon container while wearing latex gloves and eye protection.
  4. Fill the rest of the container with water to completely fill the container.
  5. Place our sticker label on the container you’re using. This label will display the name of our hot tub jet cleaner product and warnings for children and pets while providing other relevant information.

Weekly Maintenance Directions:

  1. Add 1 ounce of the ready-made Aqua Clarity* hot tub water clarifier product per 200 gallons of water capacity WEEKLY** to your hot tub. For best results, try to add this on the same day every week. A small amount of foaming may appear when the jets are turned on right after you add it. This is normal. If foaming is not going away 15-30 seconds after you stop running the jets, you may be adding too much product. Back off a little and add slightly less in the ensuing weeks. DO NOT ADD MORE Aqua Clarity than what is recommended. DO NOT ADD ANY OTHER CHEMICALS TO THIS CONTAINER.
  2. Run your hot tub jets for 5 minutes to allow the ahh some hot tub cleaner product to circulate.
  3. Enjoy your Hot Tub! You can use your hot tub as early as after the 5-minute circulation of the product is complete.

*This hot tub water clarifier product is a cationic surfactant with other proprietary ingredients.

**If you miss a dose, it is not recommended to double up on the next weekly addition.

NOTE: To store, please be sure to keep away from children and pets. Make sure the lid is on tight, and place your Aqua Clarity in a cool and dry area.

All hot tubs have a personality of their own. Some need more, and some need less. After a few weeks, you’ll get the right pattern that works for you.

By using Aqua Clarity (AC), your hot tub maintenance protocol will become the easiest you’ve ever thought possible.  If your hot tub plumbing has never been bio-cleaned using an effective “purge” or a “purge” has not been performed on a regular basis, we recommend that this be done using our Aqua Clarity program. Aqua Clarity is the product you need to complete an effective “purge.”  Use 3 oz. of the mixed Aqua Clarity per every 100 gallons for your “purge.” Once the hot tub has been purged, refilled and your water balance chemistry is stabilized, your tub is now ready to begin using the Aqua Clarity as a Weekly Maintenance program.  Simply add 1 ounce of the ready-made Aqua Clarity product per 200 gallons of water capacity WEEKLY to your hot tub.



You MUST use a one gallon HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) jug/container that has a CRC (Child Resistant Cap) on it to avoid leakage and also for safety precautions. The most common jugs/containers that have CRC caps are one gallon bleach containers and one gallon windshield washer fluid containers. DO NOT use any other container that doesn’t have a CRC cap. One gallon milk jugs, water jugs and orange juice jugs, for example, do NOT have CRC caps and are not to be used with Aqua Clarity.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 44 reviews
    If you have issues with foaming. Buy this product

    I have used this product for a month now and I am very pleased with the results. I did not do a purge on my hot tub as it was winter when I bought this product so draining my hot tub was not realistic. I immediately just started doing the weekly maintenance without completing a purge and am very pleased with the results. I always had issues with foam accumulating in my hot tub and after just one month of using this product the foaming is gone. I have also noticed the chlorine lasts longer and my PH stays more consistent. I’ve tried using many products before and now all I use is this product once a week as well as a chlorine floater and I am Happy with the Results. If you have issues with foaming in your hot tub, I highly suggest you try this product

    Partners well with shock

    I use shock and this enzyme product weekly. Sometimes after 5 minutes, the water looks cloudier. That's just the enzymes working. It quickly clears up better than before.Make sure your spa is set to filter 6 or more hours per day (mine is set at 8 hours). That will help more than any product, and will make your products more effective. I wish I had known that earlier, so I'm passing it on.

    Works well in conjunction with the Frog @ease Sanitizer System

    I know there are cheaper methods for maintaining the hot tub, such as the troublefree pools method, but I wanted something I could just leave for extended periods of time and not worry about it going bad. The first try with the frog @ease didn't work so well trying to MPS shock every week. It was also getting expensive.However I decided to try aqua clarity instead and it's held up for 5 months before I recently changed my water. Basically it's like a mini ahhsome purge where scum will accumulate when you run it weekly and you skim that scumm off. I haven't needed to shock either with this method and it's cheaper. Can recommend.

    Ralph Bernardy
    This is amazing stuff!!

    You dilute it and it lasts a full year!  One and a half ounces in our 300 gal hot tub once a week.  You don’t have to shock your tub, just keep up the sanitizer, pH and TA.  We’ve always had trouble with terrible  swings in our chemicals. The readings were always all over the place.  Now they stay in the proper range with hardly adding anything.  It makes things so simple I can’t believe it!  It cleans and balances your tub for 9 months without draining. The customer service is great. I’m sure I called a dozen times with questions and they were super friendly and helpful I will never consider buying anything else!

    3 Months in & truly loving it

    Best (very effective), easiest (once weekly addition) and cheapest (~$100/yr) way to keep your hot tub fresh!Peace of mind against biofilms.  Has greatly reduced hot tub maintenance frustration.  Water doesn't go green like with Cu/Zn ionic methods.


    Ask a Question
    • Do I need to rinse/clean my filters more often while using Aqua Clarity?

      Rinsing a gallon jug or bottle before mixing the Aqua Clarity is recommended since you really never want to mix any chemical with another product. Just rinse it and refill with 122 ounces of tap water and add the 6-ounce Aqua Clarity Concentrate. Easy to do.

    • What type of bottle do I mix my 6 oz Aqua Clarity bottle with?

      We recommend any sturdy gallon jug that has a child-resistant cap (CRC) on it. What I use is an empty bottle that windshield washer fluid was in. I simply removed that label and placed the newly supplied label on this jug that shows the "keep out of reach of children" and other safety information. There are numerous bottles that you can select from. Thank you.

    • I use chlorine in my hot tub. I have noticed that after I put in Aqua Clarity I see a huge drop in my chlorine reading. Is this normal?

      Great question! The answer is YES. This can happen when there are contaminants or organics still in the hot tub plumbing infrastructure even after purging. The Aqua Clarity literally wipes all surfaces and can place a higher sanitizer demand to occur for a week or two. This will only last for a short period and then the opposite will occur. You will get a much longer service time from your sanitizer after the Aqua Clarity has been in the hot tub for a short period.

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