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Ahh-some Spray Cleaner & Deodorizer cleans and removes Dirt, Debris, Inanimate Scum & Nutrients, Particulates & Inanimate Contaminants from all surfaces.  Ahh-some products are designed to promote maximum satisfaction with your spa.  Ahh-some Spray Cleaner & Deodorizer aids in the removal of unwanted odors and other non-public health organic build-up that may contribute to unsightly deposits.


    • Prevents/Blocks/Neutralizes/Reduces & Removes Odors
    How To Use


    How to use on your Hot Tub:  Odors are often generated by bacteria growing, above the waterline, while your spa is not in use.  After each use, and upon exiting your hot tub, spray/ahh-Some Spray Cleaner & Deodorizer on the “tidal zone” of your spa shell.  The tidal zone is 4-6 inches above the water line on your spa shell.  On a weekly basis, spray the underside of your spa cover and around the headrests, and wipe any residue that forms before closing your cover.

    How to use on surfaces where water may have left residual evidence of scum, mold, mildew, soap deposits, and the like:  Simply spray the cleaner on the surface, wait 10 seconds or so, wipe and rinse the area clean.  Safe to use on most hard surfaces, glass, plastic, acrylic, and vinyl.  We recommend that you initially try the cleaner on a small out-of-the-way area to gauge compatibility.

      Customer Reviews

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      Fantastic Hot Tub Cover Cleaner

      The Ahh-some spray cleaner is just that.  Simply "ahhsome".  I got this for my cover that was in need of some attention and it worked great.  As an added bonus, I have also found that it works well on neutralizing pet odors.  All around great product.  Highly recommend.

      It is great for average cleaning jobs

      I used this cleaning product to clean my bathtub, stove and microwave and the results did not disappoint; especially when I did not have to do deep cleaning.  when it comes to average cleaning, this is a great product and it does not smell too strong compared to the usual cleaning products out there in the market. This product has a scent that is not nice but not awful, if you pay close attention, there is a very light chemical smell. Overall, the scent is very acceptable because there is almost no scent at all. I also like the ergonomic spray handle, it makes it easy and comfortable to spray the desirable areas I want to clean.When I used this product to clean my microwave, I noticed immediately how fast the product cleaned it. I was very surprise, but most of all, I did not have to be smelling any of those extremely strong chemicals. I would not use it for deep cleaning because I tried, and it took me a while and it did not clean as I would've like to, but for average cleaning is perfect.

      just OK

      not worth the price.

      Not what I expected

      Firstly it cleaner is expensive but works well just using it in my bathtub and toilet.  I don't have a hot tub as listed on the bottle. Unfortunately it doesn't have an ingredient list. And I have toddlers I feel uncomfortable using it.

      A good household cleaner too

      Ahh!some keeps my rental bathroom clean and sanitized. Sometimes, you need to try new products for a better effect. Ahh!some delivers the fresh and clean that lets you unafraid to let folks use your restroom.


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      • Can you use this product to clean the washer machine?

        You could for sure use it around the seals and in the drum!

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