Large Chunky Knit Throw Blankets 50" x 60"

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  • GET COZY throw blankets make a great accessory for your home or patio. 
  • It is not just your average throw blanket! Our GET COZY luxury 100% HAND-KNIT chenille throw blanket brings a warm sophisticated touch into your home or patio. 
  • Our Chunky Knit Throw Blanket is incredibly soft and comfy yet it is also durable enough to be 100% no-shed, hypoallergenic, and machine washable. It is sized at 50"X60", small enough for draping across a sofa or a bed as a beautiful home accessory, but large enough to feel chunky and can easily be used as a comforter for a king-size bed and fit both you and your pet in it. 


  • No Shedding - right when it comes out of the bag there will be a little fluff from hand making it but that's all, it will not continue to create fluff.
  • Made with Luxury Chenille yarn
  • Large 50" x 60" inches 
  • Machine Washable
  • Hypoallergenic

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 53 reviews
    Yes yes yes!!!!!!

    One of my best purchases and it’s good for those who are warm sleepers take it from me

    Love Love Love

    Actually replaced my therapeutic weighted blanket with this one and it’s perfect! Loved it so much I sent my daughter one too. Very stylish, well made and sooooo cozy.

    Lusciously fantastic ! A way to spoil yourself everyday!

    I bought this for my son the use when he visits us, he would always say Mom are any of your blankets human size?! He is 6 ft and wants something that covered him from head to toe. He opened up the stunning box and was like “wow” and after just 1 use quickly went on Amazon and ordered himself his own!
    It’s so beautiful and soft, just so luxurious!
    It’s is heavy to carry not heavy on your body.
    My son Carried it from room to room.
    You won’t regret this purchase if your looking to elevate your comfort at home!

    It's worth the price!

    I really wanted a chunky blanket but I was a bit reluctant to spend over $100. This blanket is quite big, it's very good quality and craftsmanship and exudes coziness and luxury at the same time. A little gift for myself and my house because it looks beautiful too with my French country decor.

    best drunken purchase of 2021

    This blanket is so silky soft, the quality is decent- not the absolute best but not sh*t either, plus it’s super heavy; which I love. It’s the perfect summer blanket, heavy and breathable so you can sleep soundly knowing monsters won’t kill you in your sleep

    4-month update- still in great condition, I have only washed once as it’s not a blanket I regularly use and it’s also delicate- so I treat it as such. This blanket will fall apart if you don’t properly take care of it. After washing I found a few stings that looked like they might unravel so I tied them together and it’s held together ever since.


    Ask a Question
    • Each blanket with package weighs about 5 lbs, without package weighs about 4 lbs.

      Each blanket with package weighs about 5 lbs, without package weighs about 4 lbs.

    • What are the laundry care instructions?

      Machine Wash Cold-Separate. No Bleach, Gentle Cycle. Dry Flat.

    • Can you wash in the washing machine?

      Yes! The luxury chenille yarn is engineered to last through the washing machine, unlike any other wool knit blankets it can be machine washed on cold & tumble dried on low. They are also dry cleanable. This is why these blankets are better than many other chunky knit blankets. They clean up nice, look better and they do not shed! 

    • Does this blanket look or seem cheap? I have bought things that look great in photos but when I get them they had a cheap feel and look???

      You can buy many different chunky knit blankets. The difference between our chunky knit blankets and others is the type of yarn we use. We use high-end chenille yarn which automatically makes out blankets better than anyone else. It doesn't shed, you can machine wash it, very large and it will keep you warm and cozy!

    • We have a dog that sheds a lot and likes to sleep on the bed. How does this hold up to dog hair? Is it easy to clean the hair off?

      It is machine washable and will come clean with no problem!

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