Frog @ease Floating Sanitizing System

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The Frog @ease Floating Sanitizing system is an all-in-one self-regulating and used in spa or hot tubs up to 600 gallons. This system got its name from how easy it is to understand and maintain!


1) Jump Start - Removes organic contaminants, optimizes performance and establishes a chlorine level

2) Frog @ease floating system - Regulates levels

3) 1 SmartChlor Cartridge - Chlorine dispenser

4) @ease test strips 30 count - Tests SmartChlor, Total Alkalinity, pH and Total Hardness 

Below are the benefits of the Frog @ease system!

1) Up to 75% LESS CHLORINE with no frustrating "yo-yo" chlorine levels

2) Self-regulates for low maintenance and continuous crystal clear water!

3) Only shock once a month

4) Easy on hot tub surfaces with fewer odors

5) Cartridges are pre-filled for no mess, no guess, no stress! 

6) The test strips are a single color match for easy reading  

The Frog @ease floating sanitizing system is a complete system that . If you don't like having a high chlorine level this is the system for you because it kills bacteria 2 ways, with minerals and low levels of chlorine. The Minerals help keep the pH balanced and condition the water for a softer and cleaner feel. 



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